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Tear proteins electrophoresis

Orthopedic research

            The purpose of this site is to present the latest concepts about the electrophoresis used in laboratory medicine, with particular emphasis on Hyrys-Hydrasys and Capillarys SEBIA France automated systems.
            Many data presented are based on my own experience of almost 20 years in this area. Most of these results have been published or presented in international journals or conferences.
            The site contains two sections. One is intended for agarose gel electrophoresis and other for capillary electrophoresis, the most important technique currently used for the analysis of a large spectrum of proteins (serum and urinary proteins, immunoglobulins, hemoglobins, glycated hemoglobin, lipoproteins, isoenzymes, cerebrospinal proteins). The principle of these methods, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the diagnostic and prognostic value are presented. Additionally, an illustrated guide, as well as a scientific support section (mini-review articles about the main topics in clinical electrophoresis research) will facilitate a good interpretation of electrophoresis results.
            A particular importance is given to agarose gel electrophoresis of proteins in biological fluids (saliva, joint fluid, tears), the only method able to separate and quantify the most important proteins using a small quantity of these fluids.
            In the same time, it is also presented the latest type of capillary electrophoresis with a special focus on diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies in newborns (using dried blood spot or core blood) and quantification of carbohydrate deficient transferrine CDT (a biomarker for alcohol abuse).
            The readers will also find a section in which two agarose gel electrophoresis used for the first time in my studies are presented: electrophoresis of tear proteins, as a new diagnostic tool for ocular and systemic diseases related to dry eye, as well as for high risk group for dry eye (computer users, contact lens wearers, cataract surgery) and electrophoresis of joint fluid, as a new prognostic tool for prosthetic performance in total joint arthroplasty.
            For supplementary information and professional advice a contact box is available for all those interested. ( dr.andreea.chiva@gmail.com )

Andreea Chiva
Senior Biochemist, PhD
University Emergency Hospital Bucharest Romania


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